Thursday’s Wiki HW

Class, in preparation for our final assignment, we’ll practice editing a page together. To prepare:

  1. Register as a Wikipedia user. (You need not use your real name.)
  2. Make a minor edit on a Wikipedia page (improving wording, correcting a typo or grammatical error, adding a source or link). You can always undo it!
  3. Read the Wikipedia page for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
  4. Do a Google News search (not a general web search) for “Equal Rights Amendment”; find one article that would improve the Wiki page.
  5. Do an ArticlesPlus search through the library for “Equal Rights Amendment”; find one article that would improve the Wiki page.
  6. Be prepared to discuss your findings.

Research help

Conducting research: Just a reminder, as you develop your final research projects, don’t be shy about contacting a UM librarian via chat, email, etc., for help with figuring out keywords, deciding on the appropriate databases, or identifying good sources. Students in previous classes have particularly enjoyed working with Meredith Kahn and Sigrid Cordell. You might also find some of the links I provided under “Research Resources” helpful.

Structuring your essay: As you plan and write, you might find it helpful to follow the “IMRaD” format (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion), either formally or informally. Here’s a good  IMRAD Cheat Sheet that gives you an overview. Feel free to use this as a model for structuring your own projects if it helps.

Interviews and Surveys: Some of you will be doing qualitative studies where you survey, interview, or observe people. If you’ve never done this sort of project before, I highly recommend Dana Lynn Driscol, “Introduction to Primary Research: Observations, Surveys, and Interviews” ; it’s a pretty easy read that offers good basic advice.

Stats Help: If you’re doing a larger survey and want help with setting up questions or crunching numbers, the Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) office offers free consulting services.

First lady follow up

Yes, Campbell’s piece was written almost 20 years ago. For comparative purposes, Dole’s 1996 RNC speech here (she starts at about 1:35); compare this to her career in government prior. Clinton’s DNC speech here (she starts at about 4:00).

Obama’s 2008 DNC speech here (anecdote from Vigil p. 24 starts about 4:00); her 2012 speech here (Vigil p. 31 at 21:30). For those who don’t recall, the comments that caused her trouble in Feb. 2008 (p. 23); and the “controversial” fist bump of June.

Music and blogging as feminist spaces

Background on the Sarah Jones/FCC “indecency” case from the National Coalition Against Censorship.

Seventeen Mag Project founder is Jaime Keiles; FBomb was started Julie Zeilinger. Both continue to write in various forums. Bust and Bitch magazines are still going strong, as is Ms.

For a quick background on the honorific “Ms.” Wikipedia will get you started, but there’s certainly more of the story that could be told: see, e.g., here and here.


Women of a New Tribe exhibit

There’s a magnificent exhibition at the Flint Institute of the Arts, “Women of a New Tribe,” by photographer Jerry Taliaferro, that features portraits of local African American women (nominated by community members for their community and family service) “represent[ing] the spiritual and physical beauty of…African American women in the Flint community…from all walks and stages of life.” These reviews from East Village Magazine and My City Magazine give a hint of the project’s depth, but it should be seen in person. (Runs through 4/15, museum free on Saturdays.)