Actualizing citizenship

The power of social media mobilization?

March for Our Lives national website; Ann Arbor march here

Time, “Everything You Need to Know About March For Our Lives”

For a helpful comparison of dutiful and actualizing citizenship, along with ideas for leveraging each (see esp. p. 8, 22), see Bennett et al., Young Citizens and Civic Learning: Two Paradigms of Citizenship in the Digital Age


NYT: Is social media making us dumber?

Op/ed by science and culture writer Jesse Singal that speaks to some of the concerns that Carr and others have raised about “hyperreading”; he suggests that certain psychological tendencies (tribalism, attribution error, etc.) combined with the kind of partial, fragmentary consumption of information SM engender make for poor public discourse.

Welcome and important info

Welcome to ENG 280; I’m looking forward to meeting you soon and working with you this semester. A few important announcements:

1. Our course website will live here, rather than CTools/Canvas. There is no need to “log in” to the site, but to view the syllabus and other areas you will need to enter a special username and password, which I have emailed to all registered students. Let me know if you need this info.

2. Please take a moment to review the working syllabus to ensure your interest in the course and to familiarize yourself with its requirements. I also recommend downloading a practice reading just to make sure everything is working properly. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

See you soon.