Welcome and important first-day info


Welcome to ENG 125, Writing to Persuade (Writing and Academic Inquiry).

1. You may view the course materials by clicking on the menu items above. There is no login required, but to access the readings you will need to enter a special username and password, which I have emailed to all registered students. Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

2. Please review the syllabus to ensure your interest in the course and to familiarize yourself with its requirements.

3. Please note that we have a brief assignment due the first class day; it should only take a few minutes, but will help familiarize you with the site. A) Access the readings for the first class. B) Watch the video of Monty Python’s “Argument Sketch,” then C) download the day’s readings (the Python PDF transcript and Nancy Wood’s “Argument Basics”) and bring them to class.

Looking forward to meeting you all.